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Mayfield City Hall:
At the very heart of Mayfield is its City Hall, a grand old building dating back to the town’s foundation. Mayor John Doe conducts business here, and the town courthouse is also found inside. The doors to the building itself are always open to the townspeople, but if you want to see Mayor Doe, you'll have to make an appointment with his secretary to get past his office doors. Unfortunately, he's all booked up this month, try again soon! Every once in a while, you'll get lucky and catch her on a break, when you'll be allowed in.

Mayfield’s pride and joy is its stable neighborhood community, a suburban paradise lifted straight out of every magazine ad you’ve ever seen. The grass is cut, the sun is shining, the paint jobs are perfect, and the sidewalks are marred only by the chalk drawings of children. Who could ask for a better place to live? In addition to the suburbs, Uptown Mayfield is also the location of most of the town’s office buildings and restaurants.

The classiest restaurant in town, the prices are more than your paycheck and the food tastes like cardboard. Your drone wife is constantly begging for you to take her.

Zemekis Corp. Offices:
The town's white collar workers and secretaries go to work here every day. A modern office building, complete with water cooler chatter, typewriters, and bad bosses. You'll be asked to fill out paperwork, balance budgets, attend meetings, and write reports for the head office in New York! And what exactly does this company do? one's quite sure. Something to do with a lot of plastic folders.

MacCready & Sons Law Office:
A small town law firm. Attorneys will be managing wills, helping locals fill out their tax forms properly, and taking on important neighborhood disputes such as whose hedge is too high and those kids were on my lawn. No one named MacCready actually works here.

Mayfield Elementary:
Ahh, the first day of school. Is there anything quite like it? Mayfield Elementary serves as the school of choice for kids in 8th grade and below. Drone children play to and fro across the playground, eat their sack lunches in the cafeteria and learn basic school subjects from smiling drone teachers. Remember to say the Pledge nice and loud, kids! And keep in mind that anyone who fails to attend school for more than three days in a row without calling in sick will be droned and made to come anyway.

Mayfield High:
Incoming freshman beware! Mayfield High serves as the local high school, where all our bright young folk can further their education. Drone students chat in the halls while teachers prepare today's lesson plans. Remember to root for your beloved Mayfield Tigers, kids! Six time champions over the Westport Pirates in football. And, as with the Elementary School, keep in mind that anyone who fails to attend school for more than three days in a row without calling in sick will be droned and made to come anyway.

Tiger Field:
Attached to Mayfield High, the local football field! During football season, often packed with parents and fans. Otherwise, open to the public to practice and play. The Tigers never seem to have any games other than scrimages against other locals, but these matches are popular just the same, possibly thanks to the spirited cheer team.

The Church of Salvation:
Put the kids in their Sunday best and clean up good, because it's time to worship our Lord and Savior! We expect to see you at church every Sunday- remember, we need to set a good Christian example for the kids! Of course, nobody's quite sure what kind of Christianity the Church of Salvation espouses- it can't seem to decide whether it's Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or anything else, constantly switching between branches of Christianity every week.

The Post Office:
Home of the ever-cheerful Postman, the Post Office is a gleaming palace of polished marble. The Postman keeps the place spic and span at all times; any bloodstains that may appear are gone almost immediately. Come here to trade in your box tops for those packages you’ve been waiting so eagerly for! Oh, and there’s a slight processing fee you’ll need to pay as well. A trifle, we’re sure.

The Louvre Hotel:
Located next to L'Déplaisant, the Louvre Hotel is Mayfield's best (and only) hotel. It's where everyone who visits our beautiful town stops to stay- those Westporters, they sure love to visit! The Louvre Hotel is also a popular spot for married couples looking to get away from their little scamps for a night. We hear that the food is delicious and the walls are soundproof. According to some former guests, the windows and doors are a bit too secure. 'Do Not Disturb', indeed.
The shopping center of Mayfield, Downtown is the source of the grocery store and most of the various businesses the town contains- all family-owned and operated, of course.

The Mayfield Public Library:
A wealth of knowledge and education… or perhaps not. Mayfield’s library is chock full of books, all of which relate to your character’s age group or occupation and nothing else. Adult men will find books on how to fix cars and shave; women and girls will find books on cleaning and cooking; boys will find adventure novels and comic books. (It’s possible to check books out for each other.) The place is run by the Librarian, a nervous old woman with a habit of muttering to herself…

Mayfield Dairy:
The Milkman’s place of business, a cheerfully decorated dairy/ice cream store in the midst of town. Despite the sign saying OPEN, the door is locked, the curtains are drawn, and there appears to be no way inside. No one appears to go inside; not even the Milkman himself. Still, the milk gets delivered every morning at 5 am sharp! Don't drink it.

Jonathon's Tools: 
The local hardware store sells a variety of useful items for gardening, home supply and car parts. Of course, tools are a man's business, right? 

Neutron Diner:
A great place to grab a meal or bring a date. Waitresses on roller skates serve world class greasy meals and sweet desserts, while the jukebox plays current top hits. Every Friday night, the diner converts into a dance floor, where the local kids come to dance (but not too close!). Very popular and always crowded.

Olney's Tavern:
The local dive bar, Olney's serves all comers, as long as you're an adult man. Women entering the bar will be treated coldly, while minors will be kicked out.

Achewood Bakery:
A local bakery and small restaurant, Achewood's serves delicious treats to young and old, all with a smile. 

Main Street Barber Shop:
A great local place. A man can go for a clean shave and a trim while the ladies can sit and gossip while getting their color touched up. Shhh, he doesn't need to know you're not a blonde! Any danger to your ears is strictly an accident, trust us.

Atomic Cinemas: 
The Atomic has all the latest movies and news reels, as long as by "newest" you mean the same ones they had last month. And the month before that. And the month before that. And the month before that.

Annie's Flowers:
Mayfield's local flower shop always has a wonderful selection to bring home to your darling wife or mother, and is always stocked - no matter the season.

Grey ABC:
The Grey ABC store is one of the shadier areas of downtown Mayfield. The windows are always grimy and the door is always shut, but they're almost always unlocked. Has a wide selection of (American) liquor.

Burger Bonanza: 
Mayfield's very own burger chain, the Bonanza has other stores all the way in Westport! They serve meals like the Classic Burger combo, the Mayfield combo, and the Double Double Double. They all taste the same.

Bodine Fashion:
The latest in 50s fashion, right in our very own town! Of course, all the labels are knock-off brands, but we're all smart shoppers, right? Has clothes for the young and old.

The Malt Shop:
A popular hangout for local teenagers. The local malt shop does a thrifty business, providing food and drink to the various young folk who come to gossip, date, or just generally hang out. The malt shop does not appear to receive its dairy from the Milkman, much to the relief of the general populace.

Jacques' Roller Rink:
With worn-down hardwood floors, bright lights, and cheerful music, roller skating at Mayfield's very own rink has become a favorite weekend pastime for many of Mayfield's teens. Rent a pair of skates and hope you don't make a complete square of yourself.

Greased Lightning Garage:
A man knows his way around cars, so when that engine's giving you trouble, just pop the hood! Or, if you're less of a man, bring 'er down to the Greased Lightning Garage to be charged a bundle for repairs. The local gas station and car wash is also attached, for convenient one stop service. Some of the mechanics also make money on the side buying old cars and selling them used.

Mayfield General Store: 
The General Store sells everything in-between, like kitchen supplies and groceries. There's also a small flower shop attached. The milk they sell here appears to be safe.

Mayfield Bank:
A small town bank with a fancy lobby, friendly tellers, and bankers with trustworthy faces. Go ahead and deposit your money here, it's safe with us! Sends you a monthly bill for your mortgage, although all that happens if you don't pay is the letters get progressively more passive aggressive. There's always a long wait.

The Comic Shop:

Even a town as mired in good-old traditional American values as Mayfield can only do so much to stem the tide of the devilry that is the comic book industry. Thrilling though the patriotic adventures of Captain Atomic may be, parents should be sure to keep their children away from these dime-a-dozen rags that are corrupting our youth with their sex and violence! Besides, comic books are for dweebs.

The Record Store:
Home of your favorite toe-tapping tunes, the record store is your one-stop shop for all your home music needs. The store covers a surprisingly wide range of songs, from classical opera to the blues. Just be sure to keep the younger members of your family away from that harebrained “rock and roll” nonsense.

Bowling Alley:
The classic Friday night hangout for Mayfield citizens both old and young alike. The sound of pins being knocked over by a lucky strike is a near-constant, as is the good-natured cursing over a sudden gutterball. The place to go if you’re looking to relieve stress (and the tavern’s too crowded).

John Doe Park:
The public park near the center of town is a popular spot for picnics, games, and community events. It’s named for the town’s current hardworking mayor, and a statue of him stands at its center.

The Police Station:
An archaic, venerable old building, the Police Station serves as Chief Grady’s base of operations. What goes on within this building is unknown, but it’s clear that it’s where Grady goes when not patrolling the town. Whether he is present or not, the door is always locked; no known means of entering have yet been discovered.

Makeout Point:
The outskirts of Mayfield wind into a dusty old road that spirals up a small mountain. The mountain’s summit has been nicknamed “Makeout Point” for its tendency to serve as a popular place for teenagers to go on dates. The mountain is reportedly haunted; several teenagers report having once been trapped in cars and forced to kiss each other before being released. Kids these days and their tall tales!

The Rec Center:
A relatively new building, the rec center contains many pieces of workout equipment as well as a large public swimming pool. The drone lifeguards have a disturbing record for incompetence, and there seems to be a suspicious amount of drowning-related accidents. It's probably nothing to worry about. Remember, no running!

The Drive-In Theater:
Always buzzing with activity, Mayfield's teenagers frequent the Drive-In, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. The outdoor screen is enormous, though the movie selection is far less impressive- all the same things you'd find at the Atomic Cinemas, with the addition of some larger-than-life monster movies. There's a concession stand with the regular fast food fare, and room enough for dozens of cars to park.

Mayfield Hospital:
A small emergency clinic for those coughs and colds and sprained ankles, Mayfield Hospital is staffed by our local residents. While they have the capacity to take care of your minor injuries, if you're really sick, you'll have to take a drive to the big hospital in Westport. The local pharmacy is attached in a small building next door. They'll fill your prescriptions and serve you ice cream while you wait!

The Highway
Head south through town, and what was until recently part of Mayfield's loop will eventually open up into a winding highway. Thick forests lie on both sides of the road; take care going off it, as we've had reports of bears in the area! The highway stretches through the forest endlessly, but no matter how far you go out, it's always about a fifteen-minute drive to get back to Mayfield.

The Diner
Located on the side of the highway between Mayfield and the beginning of the forest, the diner is a quaint little hole-in-the-wall joint to fill you up before you hit the road- and fill your tank up, as well! The gas station is operated by Phil, while his daughter Barbie manages the diner. It's hard to say which is more appetizing: the food, or Barbie's winning smile!

Feel free to suggest locations to add to the town! If your idea is reasonable, we will add it to the list.
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